Why I Don't Regret My Decision To Transfer Colleges

As high school seniors, we all have anxiety about where we will go to college. Usually, our lists consist of a dream school, a few reach schools, and a handful of safe schools. When I was a senior, I applied to mostly liberal arts colleges like Sarah Lawrence, Wellesley, Smith, Reed, and Wesleyan. There was something about Wesleyan that had a dreamlike aura surrounding it. It was prestigious, it was liberal, it was artsy, it — supposedly — had a great LGBTQ community. So when I found out I got i

Mayim Bialik: Feminist at Heart

Mayim Bialik, from Blossom and The Big Bang Theory,  answered a few questions for us here at DirectExpose to explain what style means to her in the entertainment industry. Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler, has never been one to hold back her opinions on women and parenting.  She is a firm believer in attachment parenting and the power of women.  According to Bialik, she is a feminist who “believes in the power of women to lead the change in an attempt to shift the way socie

You Got HEALYed- Our Q&A With Michael Harney

People of all ages are familiar with the trend: sitting in front of the television, watching Netflix for hours. One season turns into two, two turns into three. Mankind has turned into a Netflix-crazed society, and hey, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. We ourselves are victims of the infamous “Netflix Binge.” But for those shows that just appear on Netflix, for which Netflix is the only broadcasting medium, and are released on a yearly basis, what are viewers to do to satisfy The Binge? Rest assured readers, Michael Harney, Officer Healy from Orange is the New Black, answered a few questions for us here at DirectExpose to help you patiently await the season 3 release.